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Abstract submissions are CLOSED - please contact events@plantandfood.co.nz for enquiries

Abstracts are for all three symposium are closed.

IX International Postharvest Symposium:

VII International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology:

X International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables:

  • Abstracts must always be submitted by the presenting author, using their own personal ISHS user account. Submitting an abstract on behalf of or using the ISHS user account of another author is strictly not permitted.
  • Guidelines for submitting papers can be found at: Authors | International Society for Horticultural Science (ishs.org) Deadline for papers is 30 September 2024. All oral presenters, including invited and keynote speakers, are expected to submit a manuscript for Acta Horticulturae. Authors of posters are strongly encouraged to prepare and submit a manuscript  for Acta Horticulturae. 

Those people wishing to present at the symposium must submit an abstract.

Abstract  Topics & Themes
Postharvest Symposium Postharvest Pathology Favhealth 2024
  • Systems biology
  • Bioinformatics
  • Entomology
  • Plant physiology
  • Plant pathology
  • (Bio)Chemistry
  • Engineering
  • Food safety
  • Sensory science
  • Packaging
  • Sustainability
  • Modelling, and
  • Technologies for nondestructive testing
  • International development
  • Storage & transport for fresh horticultural products
  • Pathogen genomics
  • Novel technologies(e.g. digitilisation, dsRNA, peptides), including cultural and social acceptance, registration, regulatory frameworks.
  • Plant pathogen interactions
  • Microbiomes
  • Disease cycles
  • Diagnostics
  • Resistance genes
  • Postharvest treatments
  • Biological control
  • Biosecurity
  • Climate change
  • Emerging and re-emerging disease
  • Evidence for health benefits of specific horticultural products in the diet
  • Evidence for health benefits of nutrients and phytochemicals in fruit & vegetables
  • Genetic and environmental impacts on health benefits of horticultural products
  • Value of in vitro, in vivo animal studies and human clinical studies
  • Impact of public health policies and campaigns like ‘5+ A Day’ on dietary risk factors
  • Understanding consumer perceptions and behaviour
  • The role of gene editing and heritage germplasm in delivering improved products
  • Postharvest studies on fruit and vegetables for health
  • Biochemical composition of under-utilised or indigenous horticultural products
  • Increasing nutrient density or biofortification
  • Health claims and labelling legislation for horticultural products

Information regarding abstracts

  • New and emerging researchers are encouraged to submit as a large number of speaking opportunities exist in the programme.
  • Commercial advertising and endorsement is to be avoided in all abstracts and presentations.
  • Abstracts that describe considerable processing of horticultural crops beyond refrigeration, packaging and minimal processing will not be considered.
  • Abstracts should be in English and approximately 300 words in a single paragraph and include the key findings and conclusions of the work.
  • A submitted abstract may be later returned to the author for corrections and if not improved and re-submitted by the deadline, the abstract could be rejected.
  • Presenting authors will be limited to a maximum of 2 presentations at the symposium and possibly 1 if demand is high.
  • It’s important that presenting authors are registered by 31 August 2024. No abstract will be included in the symposium book without registration.


  1. Normal talks – 15 (12+3 mins). Unless otherwise advised please plan on this duration for your presentation.
  2. Poster talksFor the IX International Postharvest Symposium and the X International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables ONLY.  In addition to having a typical physical poster session, we are planning for rapid poster talk sessions. Hence, please plan to ALSO make a 3 minute presentation using a single slide to introduce your poster to a large audience. If you do NOT wish to make a 3 minute (1 slide) rapid talk at the conference, please inform the conference organisers. If you do NOT wish to make a 3 minute talk you are still welcome to present your physical poster at the conference. Please plan for your poster to be portrait in orientation.

For the VII International Symposium on Postharvest Pathology, no short talks for posters will be conducted so that all offered oral presentations will be able to be included in the programme.

For ISHS Individual members, the abstract submission fee is fully waived. If the presenting author does not have a valid ISHS user account, an abstract submission fee will be charged by ISHS. You can become an ISHS member here.  which will also entitle the submitter to a lower ISHS member registration fee.

Please see Guidelines for Contributors for more information.


11-15 November 2024
Rotorua Events Centre, New Zealand

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