X International Symposium on Human Health Effects of Fruits and Vegetables — FAVHEALTH 2024

Fruit and vegetables play a critical role in the diet and are gaining increased attention with a shift to more sustainable diets and people adopting vegan/vegetarian/flexitarian eating patterns. ‘A diet rich in fruit and vegetables’ is a key component of so-called ‘green prescriptions’ for people wanting to manage ‘Metabolic Syndrome’: the cluster of health conditions that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes. Plant-based diets are also recommended from the viewpoint of the health of the planet, increasing the sustainability of agricultural production. In recent years we have seen a health claim for green kiwifruit accepted by EFSA and acceptance of a genetically-modified purple tomato by USDA.

In this Symposium we want to bring together researchers from many disciplines who share an interest in the following overlapping topics:

  • Evidence for health benefits of specific horticultural products in the diet
  • Evidence for health benefits of nutrients and phytochemicals in fruit & vegetables
  • Genetic and environmental impacts on health benefits of horticultural products
  • Value of in vitro, in vivo animal studies and human clinical studies
  • Impact of public health policies and campaigns like ‘5+ A Day’ on dietary risk factors 
  • Understanding consumer perceptions and behaviour
  • The role of gene editing and heritage germplasm in delivering improved products
  • Postharvest studies on fruit and vegetables for health
  • Biochemical composition of under-utilised or indigenous horticultural productsIncreasing nutrient density or biofortification
  • Health claims and labelling legislation for horticultural products


11-15 November 2024
Rotorua Events Centre, New Zealand

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